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Do you care about the Minnesota River, lakes, streams, wetlands, and groundwater in your community? Do you wonder how you might help to protect and restore them?

Make a Difference!

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, water unites all Minnesotans. Our lakes, rivers, and wetlands have the power to soothe, heal, refresh, and restore. We can rest assured that our water will be accessible, plentiful, and clean to drink. To ensure this, the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District (District) works to protect, improve, and restore water quality and quantity for its residents. 

To make sure the District understands both the needs and concerns of its residents, the District is seeking interested residents, just like you, to join its Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). You do not need to be an expert to apply. All you need is an interest and concern for our shared water and natural resources. 

Like those before us, and those who will come after us, we will work together through education and policy to protect our water now and for future generations of Minnesotans.

What is a CAC? 

The CAC is a volunteer advisory group appointed annually by the District’s Board of Managers. The CAC engages citizens in community actions that protect, improve, and restore lakes, streams, fens, and the Minnesota River, one of the major river water resources in the state of Minnesota. Additionally, the CAC assists the managers on matters affecting the interests of the watershed district, such as providing feedback on the District’s strategic initiatives, policy priorities, and public awareness.

Why Serve on the CAC?

Recognizing that what happens on the land directly impacts water quality and quantity, the District is partnering with policymakers, developers, and local communities to maximize the effectiveness of the District’s work to protect and preserve water and natural resources. This partnership approach not only results in increased environmental improvements but also provides social and economic benefits to the community. By serving on the CAC, you will advise the District on key initiatives and be part of a watershed-wide effort to improve our local communities.

The CAC meets monthly at 4:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings are open to the public. Anyone interested in citizen education, water issues, or exploring the role of the District in managing water challenges is welcome to attend CAC meetings.

Interested in joining the CAC?

Please complete the application linked below. The District’s Education and Outreach Coordinator will contact you after your application is received.

Email the Education and Outreach Coordinator at with questions.